What are the prospects for mobile gambling?

What are the advantages of gambling on portable devices? How is the mobile segment of the gambling market developing today and what are its prospects? Read about all this below.

General trends

Fans of gambling are actively switching to the mobile entertainment segment, which in turn encourages developers to create new types of gambling entertainment so that players can have fun from a smartphone or tablet.

A few years ago, mobile gambling was one of the offshoots of the mainstream gambling segment, but now, it is an integral part of it. It develops by leaps and bounds and there are 2 key meanings:

  • increasing the coverage area of ​​the Internet;
  • growth in technology development

Over the past quarter of a century, the smartphone has evolved from a common communication medium into a device with thousands of functions, which alone can replace many other devices. The more modern the model, the more conditions it contains for launching gambling entertainment. Naturally, not the least role is played by the Internet coverage, which already almost completely encircles the entire planet. Even in the far corners of it, you can visit a CasinoChan Casino and other online casinos.

Analytical information

According to the information provided, since 2003, the affluent segment has grown significantly and at the time of 2020, revenue is 25.2 billion euros. Among other things, the report indicates the share of the modern gambling market is 42.6%. Moreover, the upward trend remains stable.

It is noteworthy that it is betting (sports betting), and not gambling (online casinos) that is growing significantly in mobile use.

Some in the gambling segment claim that they already derive most of their income from mobile apps and mobile-responsive sites. At the moment, sports betting accounts for 66% of mobile gambling. Next are online casinos with 27% of the market and lotteries with 7%.

Growth dynamics

Forecasts indicate that this segment of the market will progressively grow, without leaps and any shocks. The estimated profit in 2021 will be 28.8 billion euros, in 2022 – 33.1 billion, and in 2023 – 37 billion.

Forecasting for the future

According to analysts’ forecasts, the segment of the mobile gambling market in 2024 will amount to 41.4 billion euros. By that time, the market share will exceed 50%. Most likely, sports betting will remain the most popular in this segment.

Mobile gambling is developing very rapidly. In the future, in the next 10 years, he may dominate the field of gambling. All market participants should pay attention to this area and start adapting their solutions for smartphones and tablets.

It is also important to improve the qualifications of personnel, the main tasks of training are to raise the level of knowledge in the field of modern technologies and methods of protecting the game. Those who intend to seriously develop their gambling business and enjoy the trust of players will need to attend to the issues of certification of software and equipment.

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